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Best Gifts For The Fashion Lover In Your Life

The holidays are coming up, and you’re trying to decide what to get the fashion lover in your life. Giving clothes as a gift can often be a challenge if you don’t know the right size, cut, or brand—and it can also be expensive. We’ve compiled six ultimate gift ideas for your favourite fashionista that […]

What Your Wardrobe Says About Your Brain

Do your outfit choices say more about you than just your favourite colour? We know that clothing can represent factors like social status, wealth, and personality—but what if that’s not all? What if you open the closet door and you are opening the door to your emotional and mental state? Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, a clinical […]

The Collection That Caused A Commotion

Jeremy Scott, the creative director of Moschino, is known for his unique and outlandish designs—but has he gone too far this time? Moschino’s recent drug-inspired “Just Say Moschino” collection is causing a controversy worldwide, begging the question: where does fashion come into play in society and social issues? Playing on the “just say no” to […]

Label Loyalty or Blending Brands?

Should you mix designer labels or not? It’s a question as old as fashion itself. For years, there have been changing rules regarding the wear of designer luxury brands. Many women choose to walk the label-loyal path, outfitted head to toe in a single brand. Other women blend brands, where they choose different companies for […]

The Rise of Fashion Storytelling

The definition of “luxury” is transforming alongside the budding lifestyle motto, “collect experiences, not things.” Luxury clothing is no longer classified only by the quality of the product or the recognition of the label. It’s about the heritage and story behind the brand and the experience the consumer has with the brand. Traditionally, luxury items […]

Camera-Ready Fashion

In a world of social media and constant content sharing, you want to look your best for any expected—or unexpected—photo opportunities. Looking great in person doesn’t always translate to the screen, though. So how can you pick the best outfit that will accentuate your style in front of and behind the camera? Solid or Pattern? […]

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