Label Loyalty or Blending Brands?

Should you mix designer labels or not? It’s a question as old as fashion itself. For years, there have been changing rules regarding the wear of designer luxury brands. Many women choose to walk the label-loyal path, outfitted head to toe in a single brand. Other women blend brands, where they choose different companies for different products.

So, what’s the answer? Should you purchase and wear all one brand or mix and match? Below you’ll find key words that correspond to each philosophy of thought, and what these words mean for your method of outfitting.

Label Loyalty

Luxury was traditionally label-loyalty driven. Women were devoted to a brand wholeheartedly, even passing down this commitment to their daughters. A main reason for this is traditionally advertising-driven, though. Companies want consistent clients who will buy everything from them and them alone. Still, label loyalty has its perks in the aesthetic uniformity, the identity of the wearer, and the aspirational quality.


Wearing one brand head-to-toe creates a consistent style and appearance. Uniformity is more pleasing to the eye, and wearing a single brand tells a consistent story. Label-loyalty also helps when purchasing new products. You know the cuts, fits, colors, and fabrics that work best for you from that brand. You don’t have to worry that a new item won’t match your existing closet. Label loyalty composes a harmonious closet and appearance.


Being loyal to a single label produces personal identification with that brand and their heritage. You may have strong beliefs about a specific company or fashion icon that you want to share with the world. What you wear expresses who you are; if you believe in a company, it makes sense to wear and display their products proudly. Label loyalty helps you fashion your own style voice and story.


Luxury brands are often the aspiration of a lifestyle. Maybe you remember being a little girl and admiring Chanel bags or you’ve always saved up for a Prada dress. This aspiration towards a brand makes people more label-loyal, and that can be a good thing! When you wear a single brand, you may be realising a dream or further identifying with the “you” that you aspire to be. This can make you more confident, stylish, and composed. Label loyalty can fulfill a dream of a luxurious lifestyle.

Blending Brands

Label loyalty was the traditional approach to luxury fashion, but blending brands is increasingly trendy and common. As people have different versions of themselves, they want different clothes to speak to their unique qualities and looks.


Blending brands enables different styles for different moods, days, events, and feelings. A varied wardrobe helps to express your personality. You may feel like a Versace woman one day and a Burberry woman another. Your wardrobe should express who you are and how you feel, and often you won’t completely identify with every product from one label. Blending brands helps diversify your closet and your outfit in accordance with your different styles.


Wearing different brands at one time can give you a completely unique look from anyone else. While wearing one label gives you a more uniform look—you may want to stand out. Blending brands produces your own luxury label that shares your style with the world.


The luxury market is expanding with the emergence of new, smaller brands. It’s chic to mix a new brand with a traditional one or to wear a variation of brands to show off a unique sense of style. In this way, you have the opportunity to learn about new products and designer lines. Blending brands can introduce you to new products and companies that are stylish, trendy, and modern.

There is no right answer to the query: should you mix designer labels? With the rules of luxury fashion changing, so are your choices in how you wear designer clothing. If you want a uniform wardrobe that you’ve always aspired to, it’s okay to wear all one brand without looking “uppity.” If you want a unique look that is your own style, blending brands is trendy without looking mismatched. Focus on the brand identities, product, and style you prefer and you’ll be confident and beautiful in your designer label method.

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