Archive of month: April 2017

Holographic Mirror Powder Nail

When I started seeing these hologram nails I was like, HOW?? I deep creeped on the www and found that it’s done with an impossibly fine powder. There are tons of “hologram” nail polishes out there but this is referred to in the nail world as “hologram chrome powder” or “hologram mirror powder” and it’s not a regular polish

How to Ensure Lipstick Lasts All Day

Perfecting the perfect pout doesn’t always come easily, and it can seem like a constant struggle to ensure your lipstick actually lasts the distance. Whilst formulation definitely comes into play, prepping your lips can add hours onto your lipstick longevity. We’ve got all the best tips on how you can prep, apply and finish your […]

How To Make Your Closet A Luxury Space

If you have designer clothing items and accessories, you want to treat them like the special items they are! They don’t belong in cramped places where they could get wrinkled, dirty, or underappreciated, right ladies? So here are 7 tips to help you glam up your clothes’ home right in your own closet—with easy, simple […]

The Ultimate Nail Polish Drying Hacks

There are a million “tips and tricks” out there for quickly drying your at-home manicure and pedicure. But if you’ve tried some of them, you’ll know that they can often do more harm than good, creating lumps and marks in the polish that look unsightly. So what actually works to dry your nails quickly and […]

Moisturising: The At-Home Manicure Secret

Unless you’re a pro, it’s super hard to get at-home nails to look salon-worthy. No matter how careful you are with the brush, how much you buff, or all the top coats you add on, it never looks the same. Why is that? It may not be your nail polish, but your hands! That’s right. […]