Five Fashion Resolutions For The New Year

Every year, we make a lofty list of New Year’s resolutions that we hope not to break by February 1… but they never seem to stick. How can we better ourselves and keep our promises this 2017?

At Victoria Arpels, we strongly believe that fashion boosts your confidence and enhances your outer and inner beauty. So, we came up with a list of some easy and simple style changes that will make you look and feel amazing this year!

Here are the five fashion New Year’s resolutions to help you find your fashion voice and enhance your life simply and easily!


  1. Expand my definition of “fashion.”


We often forget that “fashion” isn’t limited to just clothing pieces. Style can be found in accessories, jewellery, shoes, makeup, hairstyles, nails—anything on your person that is a creative expression of self! You can be wearing an old t-shirt and still be fashionable with the right look.

This year, make a resolution to expand your definition of luxury and style beyond just “what you wear” but “how you dress.” How do you express and create yourself?


  1. Take fashion risks.


It seems that every year we promise to step outside our comfort zones and take risks—whether that be in our romantic lives, health lifestyle, work sphere, etc. But what about taking risks in our fashion lives? Poise and self-confidence is a direct response to what we wear—an outfit helps define who we are to others and also shapes how we think about ourselves.

If we want to take more risks—why not start with our wardrobe? I am going to resolve to wear vibrant colours and new patterns and to sport trends that I normally wouldn’t. It’s our year to be expressive in new, unique ways through our clothing!


  1. Focus on classic pieces.


Fast fashion is a huge change in the industry right now. Everyone buys high-trend pieces at low-cost and low quality, discarding these items when the next season comes. Although fast fashion can be useful in some regards, I want to focus on classic pieces this year. I want to wear timeless, quality items that will remain in my closet for years to come.

Let’s resolve to condense our waste and to invest in fashion pieces that will make us look and feel great throughout the seasons.


  1. Get inspired.


Styles change so rapidly in the modern age of technology, it can be hard to keep up! The fashion world isn’t just on the runway anymore. As luxury and boutique brands grow and more style icons hit the scene, it is easy to find fashion motivation from several channels. I am resolving to stay up on the trends and find inspiration through fashion blogs and Instagrammers.

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  1. Own my style.


You can find inspiration in your own closet too! Take an inventory of your wardrobe. What styles have fallen to the back of your closet that you don’t wear? What styles, colours, and textures do you wear all the time? How has your “look” changed over the years? Notice how your closet has transformed as trends and your personal preferences have progressed. What are the timeless and classic pieces that you always love? What is a trend that you never want to go out of style?

Own your own look and accentuate your sense of self by acknowledging pieces and trends that you already love!

Let’s resolve to own our fashion style this year by being inspired by trends and being comfortable in unique, classic pieces! This will give us confidence, inspiration, and beauty inside and out! Happy New Year to all from Victoria Arpels!

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