How To Rock Office Attire

Do you feel like you wear the same few outfits to work everyday? Do you look longingly at items in your closet that you would love to wear, but don’t seem to find the right time or place to do so?


You spend 90,000 hours of your life at work. That’s 90,000 hours of fashion time, if you ask me! So, it’s time to revamp the way you wear your office attire to make it trendy, fashionable, and expressive of your style!


Here are some of my 5 favourite office-worthy trends this season!


An Elegant Jumpsuit


I love jumpsuits because they are flattering and oh-so comfortable at the same time! They go great with a pair of heels to lengthen the legs, or a pair of flats if you’re on the move! A long sleeve jumpsuit is elegant enough to skip the blazer, so you can stay cool on stressful days—while still looking and feeling gorgeous!


A jumpsuit also creates a blank canvas to play with accessories. Most jumpsuits are one color (which is easy to throw on without having to match if you’re running late to work). You can show off some of your more funky jewelry, purses, and shoes without being too much for the workplace!


A Flowing Trench Coat


It’s chilly out there, and many jackets can give you a frumpy or bloated look—not great for a client lunch or walking into a meeting! Throw on a warm, long trench coat that will lengthen your appearance while still protecting you from the elements. Camel trenches are a great way to bring out a neutral, office-chic style.


Even better? Match a trench with your jumpsuit for a show-stopping, work-appropriate style.


Boot Cut Trousers With Heels


The “editor pant” was trending last season, and it’s making a comeback this year—with an even wider leg! They’re the perfect piece to get your style on.


Wide, boot cut jeans can actually slim the look of the thigh by giving a streamed leg appearance. Having a bad hair day? Pair black editor pants with a chunky belt to draw attention to your waist.


You can wear almost any shirt with black boot cut pants and still look office professional. This gives you the chance to wear some funkier tops while still staying in the work-dress zone. I also love this style pant because it goes great with heels! The boot cut hides the top of the foot, and a partially hidden heel gives the appearance of longer legs without overdoing it.


Thigh High Boots With Skirt


As you know, I absolutely adore the thigh-high suede boot trend! And I’m not surprised to see it’s becoming more popular in the workplace too! Women are transitioning back at out of pants and into skirts and dresses for the workplace in recent years.


For some businesses, you may want to have a more conservative look while still staying trendy. Thigh high or knee high boots cover up the leg while still showing of your chic style!


Blazer Vest


If you’re sick of the usual blazer and suit routine, switch it up to a blazer vest! This will still give you a collar that maintains professionalism, while adding a trendy touch. A well-fitted vest can also cinch the waste and show off toned arms. The best part is that your arms aren’t “trapped” in a jacket, and you can wear any long sleeve underneath!


Pair a blazer vest with boot cut pants and you’ll completely up-turn the traditional office look, while still being appropriately dressed!


I love when women bring their own fashion style to the workplace. It shows that you are confident, innovative, and creative—which are crucial business traits, too!


What do you like to wear to work to express yourself?

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