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What’s Trending: Suede Over-The-Knee Boots

Suede over-the-knee boots are the 2017 version of the 90s legwarmers. They’re both stylish and practical, and they open up the armoire-door to a whole new winter wardrobe!  It’s a bold statement that will help you ring in the new year feeling daring, confident, and sexy! How and why should you start rocking the fashionable […]

Why Train with Victoria Arpels

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With over 17 years experience, Victoria provides lifetime support to all students and constantly updates the training materials with the latest techniques ensuring you always have the support you need to succeed.
Widely regarded as one of the best educators in the industry, Victoria has a BA (Hons) in Inclusive Practice in Education and a Certificate in Education. Victoria is also an internal verifer/assessor guaranteeing you the very best education.