I’d been researching semi permanent make up as I wanted to enhance my natural look without doing anything too drastic!

I looked at all types of brow makeup and settled on microblading due to the really natural finish that look just like your own eye brows, but better!

Having looked around I found VictoriaArpels.com and with her incredible industry profile it was like receiving London experience but close to me in Norwich so I booked a consultation. Victoria is just so knowledgeable in her field and she instantly put me at ease. I was worried about the pain ( I’ve never had a tattoo or any other semi permanent make up) and wasn’t sure what to expect but she instantly put me at ease knowing that I could be numbed and we talked in detail about what exactly I was looking for in the finished result and what I could expect from my 2 appointments.

I booked that day and am absolutely thrilled with my results. My eyebrows are beautiful and frame my face so well. The pigment Victoria used matches my eyebrow shade exactly.. how she managed that I will never know!! My eyebrows look full and are a lovely shape! When I look closely the ink looks like little hair strokes but you’d never know they were micro bladed, they look really really natural.

The aftercare was brilliant. Victoria checked in on me to make sure they were healing ok and that I was happy and checked my selfies to make sure that they also were as she expected given that it was my first time!

The Salon is really comfortable, clean and welcoming and I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending Victoria to friends family or anyone.

Katie Barra

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