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Perfecting Nail Shaping

I recently did a Facebook Live Event demonstrating nail shapes. If you want to improve your skills, watch now! Have you got any questions? Want to know something specifically or just join in the debate? Ask Victoria in the comments section and she will respond. If you like the video please share it too :-)
Victoria Arpels

Christmas Nail Art Ideas

In this video, Victoria demonstrates a nail art design perfect for those Christmas parties! Don't be afraid to experiment though, you should also be careful of not overdoing it otherwise your nails can become a fashion disaster. Now you ask yourself: how do I start with painting my Christmas nails? Below is an example of a design that you can try out for a start for your Christmas nail art project.

Holographic Mirror Powder Nail

When I started seeing these hologram nails I was like, HOW?? I deep creeped on the www and found that it’s done with an impossibly fine powder. There are tons of “hologram” nail polishes out there but this is referred to in the nail world as “hologram chrome powder” or “hologram mirror powder” and it’s not a regular polish