Semi-permanent Make Up (SPMU) Courses

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Each and every Victoria Arpels Aesthetics Academy course covers all you will need to know about your chosen treatments, whether you are new to the beauty and aesthetics industry or looking to move forward with your existing treatment portfolio.

Courses cover the way to undertake professional consultation with clients ensuring not only their consent but full understanding of all aspects of the treatment they have chosen. The course will enable you to understand the skills and techniques required to perform each treatment. This enables you as the consultant to ensure you offer a creative, precise and personalised treatment for your specific client’s needs.

Our courses also cover the relevant laws in the aesthetics industry, procedures and health and safety protocols, allowing you to work within the parameters of the legal aspects of the industry thereby allowing you to work not only with skill and flair but with safety and confidence that you are conforming to all that is required.

Semi-permanent Make Up (SPMU) Courses Directory

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Semi-permanent Make Up (SPMU) Courses

Practical Training + Live Model

Working through the online elements of the course will allow you the flexibility and convenience of working at your own pace and in your own time. But never are you working alone as you have the full support not only of Victoria but also her team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic course mentors.

Comprehensive training manuals and video tutorials guide you through each module with simplicity. This gives you everything you need to make the most of your study time ahead of your practical sessions at the academy.

Our practical sessions focus heavily on the client consultation process so that you are able to fully understand the suitability of the treatment and its products in a real-life setting. Alongside this we offer training in best practise procedures from start to finish and the all-important treatment techniques, complete with a review of the finished results.

By ensuring that the practical sessions are kept to minimal numbers of students, you are assured of a professional and personal interaction on the course of your choice. After ensuring your competency, comfort and confidence in the treatment, you will be awarded a diploma certificate from the Victoria Arpels Aesthetics Academy. This provides evidence of your abilities and that you have met the professional industry requirements for the treatment you have studied. This then can assist in your gaining insurance and providing the service to your clients that they deserve and require.

Our course mentors are waiting to hear from you and will advise and support you as fully as you need. So feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions.

We are here to welcome you to the new and exciting adventure you are choosing to start.

What Our Semi-permanent Make Up (SPMU) Courses Cover:

We believe that everything starts from a firm foundations thats why with all our courses we include a foudation module ensuring you start your learning on a firm foundation
Anatomy & Physiology in Aesthetics
Understand the science of the skin and the human anatomy to develop your knowledge for an in-depth understanding of how your treatments will work to achieve transformative results for your clients.
Treatment Knowledge
Gain a comprehensive insight into your treatment, learn everything it has to offer - from its origins, its chemistry, how it works and what’s available for you to use for the best possible results for your clients.
Laws and Proceedures
We’ll cover everything you’ll need to know in order to comply with laws, guidelines and health and safety procedures, including business regulations, insurance and responsibilities enabling you to introduce your new treatment safely and with confidence in the right way.
Health & Safety in Aesthetics
Understanding the health & safety requirements in aesthetics is crucial and our expert teachers will ensure you have a vast knowledge of this area keeing you and your clients safe.
Treatment Risks & Complications
Product knowledge is key and all treatments come with risks, side effects and complications - so discover how your treatment could affect your clients in order to work safely and in their best interests as well as how to manage complications incase they do arise.
Client Care & Consultation
Client care is at the core of everything we do. Learn how to carry out complete and conscientious consultations so your clients can get the best out of their treatments with you, along with a full understanding of an informed consent process and our own experiences and advice.
Aesthetic Treatment Proceedure
Before you get to the academy, you’ll have the chance to learn how to perform treatment techniques on your clients through our video demos listed within your online training manual, we'll cover areas such as; product timings and applications or needle depths and injection techniques.
Aesthetic Treatment Understanding
Study the treatment procedure from start to finish, including how to set up your work space and clinic room and how to incorporate everything you’ve learnt into one seamless treatment for your client just in time for your practical academy day where you'll work upon live models with your tutor.
As part of your learning we will help you provide the correct aftercare advise to your clients. This is cruical to ensure your clients get the most from their treatments safely
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Semi-permanent Make Up (SPMU)


Personal and tailored small class education designed to inspire and create success. Over 100,000 students have been educated by Victorla's proven education programmes.
Semi-permanent Make Up (SPMU)


On successful completion of all our Semi-permanent Make Up (SPMU) Courses you will awarded with an accredited diploma certificate allowing you to gain professional insurance and offer aesthetics treatments to your clients.
Semi-permanent Make Up (SPMU)


With over 17 years experience, Victoria provides lifetime support to all students and constantly updates the training materials with the latest techniques ensuring you always have the support you need to succeed.

Why Train with Victoria Arpels

Personal and tailored small class education designed to inspire and create success. Over 100,000 students have been educated by Victoria's proven education programmes. Join today and get instant access to your course.
With over 17 years experience, Victoria provides lifetime support to all students and constantly updates the training materials with the latest techniques ensuring you always have the support you need to succeed.
Widely regarded as one of the best educators in the industry, Victoria has a BA (Hons) in Inclusive Practice in Education and a Certificate in Education. Victoria is also an internal verifer/assessor guaranteeing you the very best education.