Victoria’s Favourite Treatments

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I have often been asked which treatments are my favourite. It’s such a difficult question to answer as I am happiest when I am working with clients in whatever treatment we have chosen be it a beauty treatment or a nail treatment.

I suppose that the ‘escape’ answer could be “The most recent treatment that I have learned” as there is the excitement and novelty of doing something completely different and widening your knowledge and abilities.

At the moment I have to say that some of the new courses that I have introduced have become my favourites.



I am so thrilled that I have been able to bring these treatments to my Academy. To be able to help clients look their best at all times without compromising their limited time for applying make up is an absolute pleasure.

Also I love the fact that, as so many of the Semi Permanent Make Up treatments require follow up visits, it gives me the opportunity to really get to know my clients in a way that isn’t so possible when seeing them for a short time infrequently.

I treasure the relationships that I have with all my clients and relish the chance to increase the times I can meet with them and share with them all that is happening to them in their worlds.

It is a really enriching experience and one that I will never take for granted. It is certainly one of the added extras to working with people that makes our Industry just so rewarding and fulfilling.

The trust and honesty you share with clients is a bond that is difficult to break but should always be treated as the most fragile and delicate thread that binds you to them.

SPMU treatments that focus on the eyes are probably my number one at the present time as with the necessity of wearing masks eyes have become so hugely important in communicating with people. You can let people know you are smiling, feeling sad, feeling low or interested in them all through the movement and appearance of our eyes. Goh they are so important.So anything that we can do to help our clients feels good about how their eyes look can only be a good thing.



I love being able to offer now a Microblading course as this technique of making eyebrows so personal to a client is exciting, challenging and so so rewarding

As I posted recently “Microblading is the perfect way to create more defined, full looking brows but still keeping them natural, this client had struggled with getting her brows to look the same and wanted them more defined, so we worked together mapping out the shape until she was happy with the shape and thickness, this then allowed me to work within the frame and create soft hair strokes.”

I just love this process and working so intimately with my clients


Skincare Treatments

Now these really are amazing and awesome courses, especially as looking after our skin is such an important part of any daily routine. The courses I have been able to introduce allow us to develop our skills to offer a tremendous range of skin enhancing treatments

Over the last 18 months, people have also started to recognise that our skin is a barometer of internal health and general wellbeing – a radiant, clear complexion is a strong indication that the body is in a healthy state.

With the various new courses, and my beginners Facial and skincare course, I am now able to offer such a wide ranging selection of treatments that really can suit almost everyone.

But I am hugely proud and delighted with all the courses that I have been able to bring to students over the years. Each one is an individual as the client it will be performed on and the Therapist/Technician who uses it.

So to choose just one or two is just impossible. It’s a bit like asking me which of my three sons is my favourite.

I am just so happy that I have had the opportunity to share these courses with you, that you have reacted so well to them and the method of teaching that I have developed over the years and that you ultimately, and perhaps more importantly, benefitted in ways that were unimaginable when you started.

I know this absolutely from comments and chats I have had with students and trainers and my Support staff who field so many enquiries for me in the Office.

So please look through the new courses that I have introduced on my new website but never forget that every journey starts with a small step and I have courses that suit experienced and newbie students.

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